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Temp Number Receive SMS Online by mr infoz

Temp Number Receive SMS Online




More than 20 countries around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, the Philippines, and Thailand, are available for free. Hundreds of temporary virtual phone numbers and temporary anonymous mailboxes are used to register accounts for various apps and websites to ensure that your real user information will not be leaked and protect personal privacy.

At present, most applications and websites collect too much personal privacy information, and we cannot monitor whether the merchants use this information correctly and safely. If it is used illegally, it will have a certain impact on our personal life.

Using our SMS verification code access platform can mitigate the risk of privacy leakage in certain procedures. No registration is required, and you can directly use the platform number to register accounts for APPs and websites.

Note: All the numbers we provide are for public use, and everyone can use them freely. Please do not use them to register important information, otherwise others can also get it, causing unnecessary trouble.

Not all website and APP verification codes can be received, it depends on whether the registered website or APP has actually sent verification codes. If the verification code has not been received many times, it is very likely that the website or APP has not actually issued the verification code due to the excessive number of users, rather than the number that cannot be received. In this case, try changing a number.


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