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Telegram bot for verifaction number || Mr infoz

Refrigeration starter capacities:

One click registration

How to create a Telegram bot, and send messages with Python | by Man Hay  Hong | Medium 
There are no restrictions on the purchase of different types of numbers (landline, mobile, SMS, toll free, fax);

Connect your SIM card to receive calls using Telegram.

Receive and view SMS from services (Facebook, Steam, Gmail, Tinder, etc.);

Support via Telegram Chat Startup

Balance payments through different payment systems including cryptocurrencies.

benefit from the refrigerator

Now, the Telegram application can be used not only by ordinary users but also by companies and corporate offices that forward Telegram calls using virtual numbers. We can combine virtual numbers, accepting calls to more than 100 countries without buying a SIM card.

Contact us and you can take advantage of the following unique opportunities.

    The IVR is the
    forwarding incoming calls to mobile phone numbers;
    call recording and storage;
    Golden and Vanity combine 800 numbers.

Our company will allow all clients to connect with partners and customers on their trip abroad, to open a new company representative office at no cost associated with connecting new devices to the phone, as well as connecting to family and friends.

By combining virtual numbers from the refrigerator, any widget can send incoming calls when received or to other phones or telegrams. After registering on the Freejay website, all new users will receive:

    good call rates;
    cheap for mobile communication;
    ability to link IVR;
    multi-call capability;
    Total chat privacy.

All clients can set call forwarding from the personal profile in Telegram, for this you need to specify the number or user ID in the settings.

For the convenience of Freeje users, we have developed the Freeje mobile application https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freeje.flutter available for Android and iOS.

Freejay uses many calling options that allow you to use Telegram even when your internet connection is weak or without.
What are telegram boats?

Telegram - A popular messenger that replaces traditional communication tools such as Hangouts, Viber, WhatsApp, and Gmail. You can send text and files in any format available in the application. The application itself is linked to the mobile number where you receive the verification code. It is easy to interact with several users, up to 200 people in chat rooms. Telegram supports VoIP technology, so you can receive online calls when you connect your PC or phone to the Internet via cable, modem or adapter.

This application has many advantages.

    Privacy and Security, providing uninterrupted protection from SMS.
    Data is stored on remote servers.
    message delivery speed;
    the possibility to create your own or a modified version of the program;
    Free registration is available
    Cross-platform solutions
    There is no limit to the amount of data that can be sent per day;
    24/7 technical support. a

Since 2015, Telegram has launched a platform for creating chat robots. To this day, many companies and stores still use robots to attract new users to their sites. A startup is a program that performs certain tasks according to certain algorithms, usually simple operations. So do the boats faster and of higher quality, saving the survivor time and effort. Robots are used in various fields such as computer games, online auctions, advertising, stock trading, and more. Robots are used for a variety of things. And you can go to the store without leaving your house.

Chat robots can be configured to provide appropriate responses to users ’requests, so that they can translate or comment on anything, so that they can get used to, calculate, evaluate, and enjoy. Each shoe is a reliable assistant who can easily do the job.

Refrigerator conversation start features

Our company has its own Telegram startup to buy and use virtual numbers for calls, SMS and fax.
Reasons to be a refrigerator partner.
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