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Hareem Shah shares belly dance video

who is hareem shah?

 TikToker Hareem Shah has been asking people ever since he documented his journey after his wedding announcement.

From funny videos to dance videos, Shah has an interesting Instagram feed and social media presence that attracts his fans.

This time, Harim has made waves on the internet because his latest video is a testament to his flamboyant nightlife.


In the video, the dancer looks stunning as she perfectly dances to the beat. Shah captures the moment while sitting in a restaurant with his peppy dance moves.

The food dancer is sure to impress the audience and the crowd has a lot of fun, including Shah.


Harim Shah gets legal protection after receiving death threats


TikToker and Pakistani controversy queen Harim Shah has been granted legal protection after seeking protection from the Sindh High Court.

According to reports, a hearing on Shah's security plea was held today in the Sindh High Court. A single-judge bench headed by Justice Aftab Ahmed Ghorari heard his plea.

The TikToker's lawyer said Shah experienced security issues in two separate incidents. According to the lawyer, the applicant was threatened through anonymous calls and social media accounts.

Shah's lawyer further said that a lawsuit and threats have been filed against Harim and a letter has been written to the chief secretary asking him to ensure his safety due to security concerns.

The court then ordered the chief secretary to grant permission to Harim Shah and accepted the request.

Last week, the Supreme Court upheld Shah's seven-day detention by federal money-laundering investigators. Harima's lawyer said he wants to return to his country and join the FIA ​​investigation.

Harim was targeted by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) earlier this year to face money laundering charges after he posted a video on TikTok that contained large sums of currency.


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