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SMS Receive Online


Completely wireless. You can use the number without registration.

Download now and enjoy using our SMS receiver to get you free virtual and temporary phone numbers.

Get an international phone number: Choose a China number, a US phone number or another international temporary phone number.

Privacy is important and our goal is to make it easy to browse and register on various websites without knowing your phone number and contact information, so that strangers donate the wrong number instead of giving you the real phone number gives the answer.

Instead of getting another phone number or a fake caller ID number, you can use our SMS receiver to sign up for data apps, messaging apps, online services, shopping and more.

For e-mail reception, we provide temporary telephone numbers that receive e-mail messages from around the world, regardless of the origin of the sender. Everything is free and free.

The app is specifically designed for people who need fake phone numbers, American phone numbers or online SMS containers.

Chalk SMS Online and Chalk Free SMS instantly.

We help you get SMS from anywhere.

We have numbers in 50+ countries.

Completely wireless.

You can use the number without registration.

Get free SMS.

The SMS reception app gives you some phone numbers for the different countries where you send the SMS, then appears in the Messages app.

- To view the received SMS, tap the phone number you are sending the SMS to.
- Phone numbers in this application do not pay more than normal SMS and there are no hidden charges.
- Use the "Page Refresh" button to check the incoming SMS and "Copy Number" to copy the number to the clipboard
- A green box appears on the left if the number is "online", and a red box appears if the number is "offline".
- You can see the SMS that reaches this number in seconds.
- All messages displayed, nothing blocked.

We help you receive SMS messages from anywhere in the world, regardless of your location, IP address or device.

We have some virtual phone numbers so you can receive text messages from around the world. This is to facilitate registration and verification of websites.

The beauty of these virtual phone numbers is that they are discarded once and discarded within a certain amount of time. New virtual phone numbers are made available every month so you can receive text messages all over the world. If we ever have a number for a particular country, please go back to how it was possibly assigned, as we are constantly adding new countries. 

Appliaction informaction :

Update : two day ago

Size :  4MB

Current version :  1.1.0

Installed :500+

Requied android : 5.1 up to 10



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