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Receive SMS Online Temp Number by mr infoz

Receive SMS Online Temp Number

mr infoz

 Receive SMS online number is a mobile app with free public virtual numbers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom (England), and more.

All temp numbers are free to use and updated once a week or month.

All numbers and messages are public and visible to everyone.

Please do not use numbers for important services because they are temporary numbers and may be removed anytime.


You do not have to provide your real number or sign up for trial versions when registering or verifying the online platform. You can use the virtual numbers for receiving SMS online from any kind of online platform around the world.
Receive SMS online app provides virtual numbers for receiving online messages, codes and OTP confirmation from all over the world. You can get virtual temp numbers for free and without any restrictions to receive SMS while registering on any website.

Can I get my own number?

Yes, you can have a disposable phone number from multiple countries to receive online messages.
This virtual number provider app can be used for dating websites, online games, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, e-commerce and many other online platforms. The online SMS receiver can receive messages in no time and you can have a real experience while using it.

How to use the temp SMS receiver app?

Using the app is very easy and simple. You can use the app without logging in and registering. When you open the app, it will open the intro page where different categories will appear e.g
Globel numbers
European number
UK, USA & Canada numbers
when you press on one of them, it will open the page where you need to select a number for OTP verification of any country, and then you will be redirected to the OTP or message receiver page from where you can get your code, if you do not get just click the refresh button then your message will appear there.

Features of the best online SMS receiver app

  • - Easy to use without any signup or registration
  • - Receive SMS Online for the free USA
  • - Real numbers for the USA, Turkey, China and many other countries.
  • - Fully optimized temporary numbers for free
  • - OTP authenticator for Samsung
  • - Completely secure and free
  • - Receive & verify SMS online for china number
  • - Instant second number
  • - Receive SMS online India OTP
  • - Receive SMS online and verify SMS free
  • - OTP bypasses the Indian number
  • - Temp SMS for free
So if you want to keep your personal number safe and use online services with a virtual SIM card, this app is made for you.

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