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Puffin Web Browser by mr infoz

 The Puffin web browser can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, but you have to pay for unlimited access. There is a free trial available that users can try before signing up for the service. This free ad is sponsored and available for one hour per day. Ads will only appear during the free trial and that limit will be used.

🚀 High Speed: With our cloud servers supporting the most demanding websites, websites load at high speed.

🔒 Cloud Security: All internet access from the app to our servers is finally encrypted, so it's safe to use unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.

🎥 Flash Support: We constantly update our servers and can view Flash content in the cloud.

💰 Data Protection: Puffin uses an intelligent compression algorithm to transfer web data to your device and can save 90% of your bandwidth when browsing the web. (Note that streaming Flash content or video requires more bandwidth than used.)


• Exceptional download speed
• The fastest JavaScript engine
• There are media restrictions
• Mobile and desktop settings for the best online experience
• Cloud upload option (1GB size per file).
• Film mode for videos and flash games
• Virtual touchpad and game controller
• Adobe Flash support

==== In-app purchases =====
* $ 1 per month for a monthly subscription to Puffin
* $ 10 per year for a Puffin Annual Membership

==== other ===
• Puffin servers are located in the United States and Singapore. If you are located in another country, regional content restrictions may apply.
• Lundi is limited to some regions (eg China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) and some schools (eg some schools in the United States).

App informative:

update : two day ago

Size : 69MB+

current version :  5.7.4

Installed : 1M+ 


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