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Unlimited Texting, Calling App


DingTone is a free app that lets you make free Wi-Fi calls and send text messages. It is also a free phone number app that is loved by millions. Save money on your monthly phone bill and protect your personal number with DingTone!

Favorites of millions of users:

  1. * Free calls and free SMS now.
  2. *Request a toll-free phone number for your phone/tablet.
  3. * Free or free international calls to more than 200 countries and territories
  4. * Optional phone numbers in: USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, France, Sweden, Mauritius, Poland, Austria, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Denmark, Romania
  5. * Free calls or texts to friends and family.
  6. * Group calls and conference calls

Get a real free US phone number.

Add second line, third line to your phone/tablet. Call any phone number and text for free.

Free calls and free SMS usage

DingTone allows you to make unlimited free calls to anyone on Wi-Fi, 3G/4G data networks without minutes. Invite your family and friends to use this free calling app for free Wi-Fi calls and SMS and start saving money.

Real US phone numbers

Get a US phone number to protect your personal number. You can also play games with this free phone number app. Enjoy unlimited crystal clear phone calls and text messages on phones and tablets.

Free or free international calls.

Call any mobile/landline number in over 200 countries and territories at very low rates. Calls between Dingtone users are free. Display number is supported so your friends know you are calling.

Crystal clear calls

Calls are made over Dingtone's dedicated high quality VoIP network. Thanks to HD Voice technology, most free Internet calls among DingTone users are clearer than the existing standard telephone service. Free calls and free calls are no longer a free feature! You can use voicemail to make or receive calls even when mobile reception is poor.

Great premium features

Dingtone offers some great services including visible voicemail, call blocking, call forwarding, call recording and more.

  1. Why would you use Ding Tone?
  2. Free domestic and international calls
  3. Free SMS to/from everyone.
  4. Excellent call quality, HD voice streaming and Wi-Fi
  5. The conference gathers a group of up to 8 people.
  6. Send messages with up to 100+ people

Privacy Policy: https://www.dingtone.me/privacy_policy.html
Workflow: https://dingtone.me/Workflow.html
Do you need help? http://dingtone.me/help

As the best calling app ever, Dingtone is super easy and fast. Download Ding Tone now for free phone numbers to call and text.


App informaction : 

Update : two day ago
Size : 35MB+
Currernt version :  5.9.1
Requied android : 4.4 up to 11 
Download :  10M+


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