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Virtual SIM for helping whatsapp and telegram

Virtual SIM

Store your cell phone in many countries and make a call while you are there
With virtual SIM, you can be with anyone anytime, anywhere.

When you download the app, you'll be provided with a free US phone number that allows you to register on multiple websites every day. Numbers are rented monthly (must be registered monthly) and can be selected from a variety of countries.

Note: Most phones are Android and do not support SMS features, except for the following phones: USA, UK, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Israel, Finland ... to some extent these phones Even if it is restricted. .. A mobile network that can receive SMS.

With special low rates in 120 countries, you can call at least $ 0.04 / min. Plus, all in-app calls and chats are free! You must use your mobile number to register.

So what do we offer?

mobile phones and phones in many countries
You can register your mobile phone for many conversations.
Phone and text message charges are minimal.
Perfect knowledge without ads
• Click Notification to memorize a call or message
Free freeware for instant messaging
Calling the DawbFree application
• Share photos, photos, and your location
• Availability and privacy (available, busy, or any number purchased offline)
Try a new voice exchange service. Call either the toll-free number 381765410001 or #### 381765410002. -Calls to other numbers may incur additional charges.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please email us at support@virtualsimapp.com

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Make an international call between your mobile phone and landline and do nothing. We offer discounted prices for calls and SMS. Cloud SIM allows you to select the type of connection and make calls via Local Access (GSM), mobile data, or WIFI. This means you don't have to worry about poor reception or missed calls.

** Other phones for freedom, chat, business, online, rubber and other uses **

Chat for free on Android smartphones around the world via Wi-Fi or data, share photos, and make local calls from free minutes while traveling or offline. Wherever you are, wherever your people are! Many of these numbers are available at no additional cost or roaming.
With the "CloudSIM" app, you can now easily enter multiple numbers. You can keep your primary contacts and use cheap roaming virtual numbers to chat on eBay or sell to companies that want to hide their accounts.

With "Cloud SIM", you can call and send SMS to SIM users' clouds, send cheap SMS, and call anyone in the world. Use in-app purchases to purchase multiple virtual numbers (up to 4).

-Would you like to buy or sell at your local service center? Get a temporary number to send and receive calls and comments via the CloudSIM app. Please delete the number after the transaction is completed!

Online chat? Use your Cloud SIM app number to add security features to your personal life to ensure your security. Chat with chat programs and friends to see your spam code.

Do you need a company number? Just add the number to your device. Send business apps and connect with users through the CloudSIM app. Manage your business (or multiple lines) with one simple application!

App informaction : 

Update : two day ago

Size : 28MB+

Current version : latest version 

Installed : 100K+

Requied android : 5.0 up to 10





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