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TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited


 Disconnect the cable from your wireless service provider. The TextNow app offers mobile service nationwide that starts at $ 0 per month.
We believe that relationships belong to everyone - they should be as open and flexible as all of us.

New calling method.

Our app allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere. That’s all you use with your wireless provider - it all starts at $ 0 in one app.

The TextNow SIM activation kit is with you anywhere, anytime.

Use your SIM card with an unlocked Android or iPhone and get free mobile coverage on one of the largest wireless networks in the country. Stay in touch anywhere in the United States without paying a monthly fee.

Join more than 100 million mobile users with TextNow with free SMS, free calls and nationwide coverage!

Relationships should be seamless. Stay in touch with the most important without bills with unlimited SMS and calls. Download the TextNow app, dial a free US area code (or bring your own) and start calling and sending SMS now.

Make calls and text messages anywhere in the country without a phone bill
Cut the wire to the mobile company! Get a TextNow SIM card to access the same national network with the same coverage as a business without bills! This is a great way to make calls with the free Ad Talk & Text app across the country, so you can chat and send free SMS anywhere in the United States.

Fast-paced data
Your mobile needs may change and TextNow has you covered. With the help of easy data, you can get mobile data and go anywhere. No promises, just pay for your data when you need it.

Add another number to your phone.
Do you need more privacy? Do you want to separate your personal life from your business? Use TextNow’s calling and messaging app as a free secondary phone number locally. Encourage your friends to your status or create something new via another phone number from TextNow on your favorite social app. This is another private phone with free calls and free text messages on your device.

Easy international calls
Are your friends and family abroad? TextNow offers easy international calling to more than 230 countries. Stay in touch longer with rates starting at $ 0.01 per minute.

Wi-Fi or mobile? Why not both!
Do you want to improve the signal of your phone? No problem! TextNow allows you to use real-time phone numbers over Wi-Fi. Or use the best mobile network service across the country with a TextNow SIM card.

Why TextNow?

    Get a local phone number or bring your own. Area codes are available for most U.S. metropolitan areas.

    Make and receive unlimited phone calls, SMS and video or video messages for free in the US or Canada!

    Use on multiple devices - Send unlimited messages and calls to your laptop or tablet, then use on your phone on the go!

    Find new ways to make calls with your TextNow SIM card with unlimited calls and text messages across the country - starting at $ 0.

    Do you need data? Get access to easy and easily accessible data whenever you want.

    Call abroad with affordable calling options in over 230 countries.

    Translating voicemails and phone calls.

    Make your tablet and computer Wi-Fi enabled.

Is TextNow free?
There are no annual or monthly fees. Our services are supported by free advertising for users. If you don’t like the ad, you can sign up to remove it. Users can access the wireless network for free with the purchase of a single Text Now SIM card, allowing users to make calls and text messages without the need for Wi-Fi.

A common feature for all users

    Password to keep messages secure and private

    Caller ID

    Google Smart Lock (no need to remember password)

    Signature: Sign each article separately.

    Personal notes, vocals, vibrations and backgrounds

    Respond quickly to your friends.

and at home for immediate use

     Send text from your computer and sync it to your phone via textnow.com.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app and enjoy billing-free mobile service with unlimited SMS, phone calls and more

Apps infomaction :

Update : two day ago

Version :

Requied android : 6.0 up to 10

Download : 50M+


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