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SMS-Activate virtual numbers for PVA and OTP by usman malik

SMS-Activate virtual numbers for PVA and OTP

Mr infoz

SMS-Activate.ru receives SMS messages on virtual numbers for checking accounts in various services.

What does the SMS-Activate program give you?

Secret material. We all know what to do if you are showing your phone everywhere. How to avoid phone calls, text messages, dentists, and other places that come with just a loan problem? When you register, enter the virtual number you purchased from us in the register and you will not be affected by spam doors and SMS.

• Scene. Have you ever had trouble having a great advertising policy with a huge discount or bonus, but you can only use it once? This is no longer a problem. Buy a virtual number, register another account and reuse the origin code "once". Where applicable: Taxi drivers, delivery services, markets and more

Results. Have you followed the QMS, guidelines, materials and other online activities? Have you ever needed an app and needed a phone number for it? You don't have to have a phone number in the store all the time! Buy the number in our app! Both short-term - power generation and long-term - lease.

We offer two types of numbers:

Within 20 minutes you will receive unlimited SMS for your chosen service. So, this address is very popular with those who register an account, use it and are not afraid to lose it. Ideal for advertising and bonuses. Only messages are paid, if the message is not received in the account then the money is returned to the balance.

Lease This is useful for people who want regular access to the account in the long run. You can receive an SMS at any time for rent as you can re-enter your account number. This number is available in UP for up to 12 weeks. If you do not receive a newsletter with that number within the first 20 minutes, you can cancel the number and the money will be refunded to your account. If you do not receive the newsletter and more than 20 minutes have elapsed, you will not receive a refund. Rental sales numbers for services offered at the end of the lease term will not be sold.
We do not use staff, we do not receive SMS via perfect virtual numbers, so our service costs are low and the speed of receiving SMS is higher.

With more than 180 countries, new, diverse and international ones are constantly being introduced.

We have been working since 2015.


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