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Namso Gen by Mr infoz

Namso Gen
Mr infoz
 The power supply system is a complete LUN algorithm that protects the safety and production design required by the power supply industry.
BinManager helps you to create random files using scripts. Can be used for experiments. The purpose of the trash can is to speed up the process.

BinManager has many features
1) General Namsu

Create random CC cards for quizzes and fun.

2) CC debugger

You can check Luhn's CC algorithm.

4) Ski debugger

You can check if your skates are working or dead.

3) Private bakers

You can search for information on a specific site by country and source.

5) Uploader.

You can also submit your credentials to our application for personal or public use.

6) IBAN generator

Iban Generator can generate a random IBAN and analyze data.

Contains additional features.
The new application allows you to create free email addresses.
Your account has multiple email addresses that you can use for more than one purpose at a time.
Addresses can be used permanently because they do not have an expiration date.

- "I have a website that requires email confirmation to sign up, but I do not ask for spam and newsletters ..."

- "I need a different email address and web form for our event"

The application meets these requirements!

You can create additional email addresses at any time in a second without changing your current address.
You can use the selected text for the title or create a short title for the application. An application updated with our utility can create memory addresses.

* Chat at any address (write, reply, send and share updates)!
You can send messages and link files from the created address.
Address support functions such as SPF, DKIM (approved), encrypted sending and so on.

* Instant notification!
When you close the application, you will be notified that new messages have arrived. You can also send messages to other smartphones and computers.
You can close the ad or just open a few titles.

* Fixed email address!
The addresses you create remain in effect until you delete them.
Even if you change phone or close the app, the addresses remain and you can go back to where you came from!
Even if sent and received messages are deleted after one month, you can choose to save them permanently.

* Sync with PC and other smartphones!
You can use the same address on your PC, Android, Kindle Fire and iPhone to sync your messages.
No setting required! All you have to do is enter your start ID and password.

* The application supports HTML text and link text!
The application receives messages in all languages. You can receive emoticons and decorative emails.
You can send and receive attachments with an anti-malware system.

* The envelope works perfectly!
You do not need any other e-mail application, all functions such as inbox, mail, filter, message blocking, etc. are packed!
You can open the application from the browser, etc. according to the standard envelope.

* The same functions are not found in other letters!
You can share messages with your friends as URLs, send email addresses to others, and create web pages.
Many users have used the app to create event and event email addresses.

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