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FULL LIST: 2020-2021 Bar exam passers - Mr infoz


FULL LIST: 2020-2021 Bar exam passers

MANILA - An aggregate of 8,241 passed the 2020-2021 Bar Examinations, the Supreme Court said Tuesday.

This is identical to 72.28 percent of the all out 11, 402 regulation alumni who beat the Bar tests last Feb. 4 and 6, following a 2-year delay due to the Covid pandemic, said 2020/2021 Bar tests Chair Justice Marvic Leonen.

(More than 11,000 examinees take first advanced, limited Bar tests)

Of the 8,241 who finished the tests, there are 761 commendable passers who scored 85-90% in the Bar tests.

Fourteen Bar takers acquired acknowledgment for fantastic execution, having gotten grades higher than 90%, Leonen said. "This addresses 0.17 percent of every one of the people who did the Bar assessment."

The following is the full rundown of effective examinees:

(FULL LIST: 2020-2021 Bar test passers)

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