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Receive SMS Verification by mr infoz

Receive SMS Verification

If they are not registered. Receive FREE online SMS using our disposable/temporary numbers from USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Israel and other countries.

We have an SMS verification service

Everything is free, you can use a free virtual mobile number for SMS verification.

Shortcut to receive text messages to another virtual number.

Do you need a mobile phone for online accounting or quality testing? We provide a one-time mobile number which is valid only for 20 minutes to receive online SMS verification codes.

A temporary number provides a one-time virtual SIM number that can receive global messages from anywhere in the world, even if the sender is in another country.

We understand that keeping your number private is very important. That's why we've made it easy for you to log into multiple sites without revealing your real number.

  • Most important features:
  • - Receive SMS online
  • - Immediate 2nd Edition
  • - Only real SIM cards
  • - Never use VoIP
  • - Worldwide
  • - Easier to validate calculations
  • - Protect your real number


Step 1: .
Please specify the country and service you need. If no service is listed, select "someone else".

step 2:

After choosing the country and service, you will see the SMS price and you can receive the number (if you do not have a balance, you must add some money).

step 3:
Copy and paste the number into the service, website or application of your choice.

step 4:
Please wait patiently and you will receive the verification code. You have 20 minutes to receive the text message. If no message is received, we will refund the full amount within one hour. If the message doesn't come, you don't pay!

- The service is paid and not free. We only use real SIM cards, not cheap virtual VoIP numbers.
-The price depends on the option and may vary depending on the selected service and country.
- All doses are temporary (time of use) and self-destruct after 20 minutes. Please do not use it if you need a longer time!

• MYSTERY. We all know what happens when you register your own phone somewhere. Conversations, borrowed texts, dentists and other drugs begin to flow, triggering nothing but anger. How can we avoid this? When you register, enter the virtual number purchased from us in the application and you will never suffer from annoying offers and SMS spam again.

• ECONOMIC. Have you ever come across a situation where a promo code is available with a good discount or bonus, but you can only use it once? This is not a problem now. Buy a virtual number, register a new account and use the "one-time" promotional code again. Where possible: taxi aggregators, delivery services, markets, etc.😉

• REWARDS. Maybe you are involved in SMM, targeting, context and other communication activities? Do you always have to create an account and is a phone number required? No need to run to the cell phone store every time to find the number! Just buy a song from us in the app! Too short term - ACTIVATION, and long term - RENT.

We offer two numbering options:

WORK WORK. Within 20 minutes you can receive an unlimited number of text messages for the selected service. That is why this guide is very popular among those who are registered with accounts, use them and are not afraid of losing them. Ideal for promo codes and bonuses. Only messages are paid, the number does not receive messages, the money is returned to the balance.

RENT This is useful for those who want to ensure that they always have long-term access to the accounts they have created. When you book, you may receive a text message that will allow you to reconnect to your account. The number is available for a period of MAXIMUM 12 weeks. If you do not receive a text message with the code within the first 20 minutes, you can cancel the number and your account will be fully refunded. If you have not received a text message and more than 20 minutes have passed, do not cancel the reservation. The lease sale is not resold to the relevant ministry at the end of the lease.
We do not use manual processing, SMS reception for virtual numbers is fully automatic, so our service costs are low and the SMS reception speed is the highest.

It has rooms from more than 180 countries, always new, diverse and complex additions.

app infomaction:

update :  two day ago

Version : 2.4

Requied android : 5.0 up to 10

Download : 100K+

Size : 8MB+



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