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Lawyer vs Attorney Whats the Difference || Mr infoz

What's the difference between a lawyer vs attorney? When you look up the answer on the internet, almost every answer is wrong, usually claiming things like “A lawyer can give you legal advice because they’ve gone to law school, but they haven't passed the bar.” This would actually be a felony in Florida.


 At least in South Florida, it's not uncommon to see people that engage in the unlicensed practice of law like it’s no big deal. In order to be an informed consumer, you can verify every attorney has an active law license on that attorney’s state bar association’s website.  


Furthermore, see why Im wishing Kim Kardashian West the best of luck for the bar exam and why the odds are heavily stacked against her passing.


Question of the day?: Have you ever needed a lawyer and your friend recommended his uncle who went to law school, their “family lawyer?”  


do you know what the difference is between a lawyer verse attorney. if you were to look this answer up on the internet right now almost every single answer you'll find is completely

wrong a lot of these answers come from people that are not lawyers so it is time to finally settle this misunderstanding once and for all well the obvious answer is attorneys charge more per hour because they're clearly much better skilled negotiators here's an educational example of an outstanding attorney with excellent negotiation skills mr simpson i was just going through your garbage and i couldn't help overhearing that you need a babysitter of course being a highly skilled.

attorney my fee is 175.00 an hour you pay eight dollars for the night you can take two popsicles out of the freezer three two okay too and i get to keep this old bird cage done still got it if you're going to look this question up on the internet right now you're gonna find two answers over and over again and both of them are completely incorrect the first answer is an attorney is someone who's passed the bar exam and therefore they can represent you in court

while a lawyer is someone that can give you legal advice and advise you on matters but since they have not passed the bar exam they therefore cannot represent you in court.

the second myth is a lawyer is someone that has graduated from law school however they have not yet passed the bar exam


so first off just so you know according to the american bar association the head body that governs all the lawyers and law schools a lawyer and an attorney are the exact same thing.

the two words are interchangeable in america there is no difference between the two now with that first myth a lawyer someone that can give you legal advice this is problematic for multiple reasons first off you are not allowed to give someone legal advice unless you have passed the bar exam therefore you have a license to practice


if you ever meet someone that claims to be a lawyer but they have not passed a bar exam and this person wants to give you legal advice one they are engaging in the illegal practice of law without a license it's a serious crime two they're not a lawyer and three obviously you should not take any legal advice from that person and at least if you're living in miami-dade every now and then you see a story about someone that's practicing law and advertising their services as a lawyer yet they don't have a license to practice law so be careful one thing i would like to address is this whole misconception that only an attorney can represent you in


ironically if you're having a problem that most likely will need to be resolved in court you actually want someone that goes by the term of a trial lawyer which is what i am a trial lawyer is a is a lawyer that specializes in jury trials which is a very unique skill set 99 of lawyers never try a jury trial and most never even step foot inside a courtroom now that you've seen his video you'll notice that most trial lawyers prefer to be called trial lawyers not trial attorneys reason why a very well-known trial lawyer told me long ago that a trial lawyer is a man or a woman of the people.

someone that gets the problems that the everyday person is going through and someone that's able to use language that everyone can relate with there's nothing worse than a lawyer or a doctor that intentionally uses big words knowing that nobody understands them only because they want to feel intelligent and they want to feel important this does not stop some lawyers from telling their clients that they know what they're doing at a jury trial trying a jury trial with their client and not surprisingly it goes very bad for that lawyer's client so don't ever make that mistake these are the same attorneys that say obnoxious things like


well i submit the defendant has not provided a reasonable hypothesis of innocence by a preponderance of the evidence by the way if you're enjoying this video or finding the information useful go ahead and hit the like button and please subscribe i have a lot of ideas for fun videos that i'm really looking forward to sharing with you moving on to the second myth if you've graduated from law school that does not make you a lawyer you are not allowed to give legal advice.

all graduating from law school does is it gives you a jd a juris doctor this way you'll know if someone ever comes up to you and says hey yo my uncle's a lawyer he can help you out oh really your uncle's a lawyer he can help me well he never actually took the bar exam but he did graduate from university of phoenix online law school just as good now ironically there are four states in the country where you don't even need to graduate from law school to go ahead and take the bar

exam and become a lawyer the four states are california washington vermont and virginia now truth be told i did not even know this until kim kardashian made it known that she was going to become a lawyer without going to law school then i went ahead and looked it up despite her show i guess being filmed in miami for a bit i have never seen a single minute of her tv show but i hear great things and i'm sure it's lovely that said if you do live in one of these four states i would not recommend trying to take the bar exam without going to law school because law school teaches you essential.


such as how to think critically how to think analytically how to do legal research and legal

writing all skills that are important for passing the bar exam and apparently people that go this route the route that kim kardashian has chosen a very low passage rate on the bar exam so kim if you ever see this i am wishing you


thanks adam now you don't always need a trial lawyer to resolve your legal dispute it really depends on the type of case you have and the issues that you're facing however if you have a personal injury lawsuit or you're suing your insurance company or you're facing criminal charges or even have a pending divorce go ahead and watch this other video that i made discussing this subject in more detail.

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