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Alt Phone - Your Private Phone


AltPhone is a second private mobile app with a unique US phone number of your choice. It has all the features of a real phone number but does not require a SIM card or a contract with your phone service provider so you can save a lot of money on your phone bill. You can only make phone calls and send messages to friends and colleagues via Wi-Fi, even without mobile data. You can also use AltPhone to handle situations where you want to keep your information private.

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  • - Free SIM card
  • - Make / answer unlimited calls.
  • - Send and receive unlimited texts.
  • - Enter the phone connection.
  • - Maintain a custom connection of the application
  • - Burn your numbers all the time to protect your privacy.
  • - You can get / change your number at any time. No need to run a carrier.
  • Support numbers for all US states
  • - Supports image messaging.
  • Phone calls and messages are transferred via Wi-Fi / mobile data, saving a lot of phone bills.

Entrance fee is charged immediately after confirmation of purchase / booking (after the end of the road season, if there is a trial period).
- If you do not need a subscription, be sure to cancel it.
- If your subscription is canceled, the selected number will be released.

If you are a business owner or a startup founder, having another phone number costs money. Find out more about the best phone numbers for your business.

If you use your own number to make calls, you will need to switch to another number. Another phone number is a great solution if you want to improve your privacy at work and separate yourself from your personal life as well as make your business more professional.
What is another phone number?

This is a backup phone number for all calls. You can get other phone numbers from your phone service provider. To do this you need to buy a new device or choose a phone that supports dual SIM modules. Another popular option is to get another phone number from the SecondLine app.

Why Billboards Are The Best Way To Get Another Business Phone Number

Blackboards are used by experienced business owners as their primary business phone system. With Chalkboard you can find support from customers, team members and clients around the world. This panel is available on iOS and Android. Try it now with our free trial option.

The blackboard is a great choice for those looking for a replacement phone number as it has many functions that are suitable for business phone systems such as:

    A second job number that allows you to keep your own number without having to buy new equipment.

    Your local number (US) or phone number (UK).

    The Board uses the logs of the existing plan so there are no restrictions or additional costs.

    The messaging function allows you to reach multiple users at the same time.

    Reply to messages automatically so you do not miss any opportunity.

  •     Send SMS to request review
  •     Manage and respond to feedback directly from the app.
  • Setting up another phone number only takes a few minutes. When you are ready, you can:
  •     Submit a business email.
  •     Set up auto-response for missed calls, text messages and emails.
  • Business owner: Why do I need another phone number?

Organize your expert contacts better - The great alphanumeric app allows you to keep your contacts separate from your personal contacts and keep them organized so you can find them quickly when You need them.

More professional response - It is unprofessional to tell clients that you are attending a social event and are too busy helping them with their questions. You can use another number to send professional voice calls or auto-reply SMS History.

Protect your privacy - If you share your personal number with a company, who knows where it ends up? It is not good for your personal life. Other business phone numbers can help you solve your personal problems.

Ask for a review online - No longer a day to send a message to every customer asking for a review. With another appropriate number, you can control the number

App informaction ; 

  • update : two day ago
  • Version : 1.2.2
  • Requied android : 8.1 up to 11
  • Download: 1000+
  • Size  : 510MB+


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